Fabian, Lourdes + Callie//Sunrise Session in HAWAII!!

Where do I even begin....these photos will forever go down in history as some of my favorites. Not only because of the stunning scenery and location I was able to shoot in but because of the people in the photos. They say that a person doesn't have to be blood to be family and when it comes to these three that statement couldn't be more true. I met Lourdes not even a year ago and she quickly became one of my very best friends.  In March I had the chance to fly out to Hawaii to stay with her and her little family for 10 days and it was the most amazing trip I have ever been on. I hadn't even met Fabian before and he welcomed me into his home and family with open arms. The amount of love and happiness I felt on this trip was well worth the 12 anxiety ridden hours flying over the ocean. :) We woke up before sunrise a few days before I was to leave so we could take their family photos. Lourdes had a place in mind she wanted to do them at and when we arrived my jaw dropped. It was just stunning. The creamy turquoise ocean roaring onto the shore, the jagged rock formations and sea salt and sand spraying through the air. They played together on the beach and ran into the water and kissed on the rocks. It was pure magic. Lourdes, thank you for giving me an experience I will never, ever forget. Fabian thank you for putting up with Lourdes and my crazy antics for a week and Callie thank you for all the goodnight kisses and truly making the soundtrack to Lilo and Stitch more meaningful than I ever thought possible. Mahola and I love you guys!