Do you offer digital files?  Yes, all of my packages are digital files only. A print release is included. 


What is the best way to contact you? If you are interested in booking a session please fill out the session inquiry form by pressing "Contact" at the top of the page and I will be in touch with you within 48 hours by email.


Are you available for travel?  Absolutely! Traveling is one of the things I do best! Contact me for more information regarding travel fees and details. 


Where can I view your recent photos?  Instagram, Facebook, + my blog! Most all of my clients will see photos from their sessions displayed on many of my social media platforms and on my website. I love showing off my work and am proud of the beautiful people I get to photograph. 


What happens if I have to reschedule my session?  Contact me as soon as you think you may need to reschedule-I try to be as flexible as I can be when it comes to rescheduling- I will squeeze you in wherever I possibly can! But do understand that people book in advance and I may not be able to get you in right away.


Do you offer studio photography?  I do not! Good question. All of my sessions that I shoot either take place in the great outdoors or in the comfort of your very own home! I love, love, love natural light and the romantic, expressive feel it gives to pictures so I do not shoot in a studio.


Where will my session take place?  Wherever you want! I always like to ask my clients if they have any locations that are special to them and most of the time they do! But if you do not, do not fear! I have a list of pretty amazing places I like to shoot at-and with multiple locations in and around the city and suburbs of Chicago from urban to woodsy (my personal fav) to farmland, the options are pretty much endless! 


What is the best time of day to shoot?  Two hours after sunrise + two hours before sunset (my particular favorite!) 


What happens if the weather is bad the day of our shoot?  We will most likely have to reschedule! Because I use only natural light while shooting, I need as much of it as I can get to produce the type of work I do. Believe me, it's a bummer for me too! But it is well worth the wait to have a nice sunny day to work with, believe me! 


When will I see my images?  Session galleries are available 2-3 weeks following your session date.


How will I receive my images?  Sessions are delivered via an online, personalized, password protected gallery through a website called Pixieset. It is extremely user friendly and easy to navigate. You can view, share and download all of your images straight from the site! And Pixieset is mobile ready-meaning that you can view your images beautifully on all mobile, tablet and desktop devices. I do not give CDs of your photos. 


Will I see every image you took at the session?  No, I do not deliver every image I take. There are always duplicates, shots with eyes closed or with people in unflattering positions. We obviously don't want these hanging on your family room wall! These get deleted immediately. I choose the best images and hand edit each- paying careful attention to detail to ensure each image you receive is as beautiful as the people in it. 


What should I (we) wear to the session?!  Okay ladies, I know for you this is the biggest question you probably have! Here are a few things I always suggest because what you wear to your session is SUCH an important part to get the look and feel we are going for!


  • Coordinate but don't match. Choose colors that compliment each other and patterns that go well together. Don't put everyone in the same solid color because everyone will blend in together and the pictures will look uninteresting. Earthy colors, flowy dresses and blouses are best. 


  • Dress up and accessorize! Things like floppy summer hats, sparkly statement necklaces, floral crowns, shnazzy suspenders, fun shoes, etc. can really be the things that "make" your photos and help complete the look you are going for. 


  • Layers + texture are both great ways to add interest and depth to your photos! For example lacy knee high socks with tall boots, a striped dress with a long sweater cardigan over it, pin striped shirt and suspenders, fringy vests, fun patterned ponchos, multicolored quilts/blankets, etc.


  • No neons! Neon colors can steal the show as they are usually the first thing your eye goes to in an image. They cast funky color casts on people's skin which makes it a nightmare in post processing and often times can't be fixed. It's best to leave these colors at home. 


  • Patterns are awesome! Actually I personally love to wear patterned clothing in pictures-in moderation :) For example one person in pattern with everyone else in more simple, solid pieces that compliment the tones and colors in the pattern. 


  • Consider your location and make sure that your outfits compliment the surroundings. If it is the middle of summer and everything is green I would steer clear of wearing anything green. 

Don't be afraid to be funky! I have some pretty neat Pinterest boards that I put together to make this whole process easier and more fun! Go check 'em out and get inspired! I would love to see your outfits beforehand if you feel like sharing or want my opinion! <3 See link below.