Hey! You made it! It's so cool you are here checking out my stuff.  I suppose this is where I could insert the cute, cliche story of how I have been toting around a camera since the wee age of 3. Truth, I have always had a passion for photography but I honestly didn't get serious about pursuing my dream until about two years ago. I am completely self taught and continuing to learn everyday. I just recently relocated to the gorgeous PNW and am based out of Portland, Oregon. I love a good burger topped with a fried egg (always), reading, cooking, spending time outdoors and traveling. Speaking of traveling-it is quite possibly one of my favorite hobbies and I do so for pleasure or work as much as possible! I have a three year old French Bulldog who is my best friend and muse. I am a little obsessed with him and think he is the cutest, squishiest, wrinkliest little baby in the whole world. I LOVE music and second to coffee is what fuels me for the majority of my day. Some of my favorites include Manchester Orchestra, Sufjan Stevens, Mimicking Birds, Andy Shauf, and Alt-J! When I am not behind the computer editing or out taking photos I am a full time nanny which I absolutely LOVE and have been doing for 6+ years! 



I strive to shoot emotions-not staged or posed pictures. I don't take much to strict photo restraints, so I'm not going to sit here and tell you that photography is my passion. Creating raw, authentic, beautiful images is what brings me the most joy.  I have no set style; no method to my madness. I just want to capture you being you. Intimate candid shots are my thing. Because let's be serious-these are the shots that years down the road are going to bring a genuine smile to your face. The real ones. 

I use predominately natural light, sunrise/sunset or "golden hour" being my absolutely favorite! An ideal session would begin in the early morning hours as the sun is coming up or in the late afternoon/early evening and shooting until the sun sets. The light is much softer at these times and is a key factor when it comes to the look and aesthetic of my images. All you have to do is show up in your fanciest clothes and dancing shoes ready to have fun and I will do the rest.


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