I find my inspiration in moments. 

Hiking in the woods, snuggling on the beach, playing on a quilted blanket at the park, twirling in a field of tall grasses while the sun sets. 

My passion for photography lies in capturing the unfiltered, unposed moments that are so fleeting.  Often referred to as "lifestyle" photography; the majority of our time spent together will revolve around the interaction and documentation of you and your loved ones just as you are at that moment in time.   I may slightly pose you-but then might ask you to pick a flower with your daughter and blow on it. Or ask your son to whisper a secret into your ear while you bend in close to listen. I mix my love for detailed shots and strings of little moments with big picture images to convey emotion, movement and authenticity. 

The way your youngest's hair curls up on just that one side. 

The way your spouse smells as you pull them in for a smooch.

The way the grass tickles your feet as you run into the sun.

You know, those moments.